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What is AVP?

AVP T4F – Facilitators Graduation — January 2017

Through an international network of local chapters, AVP facilitators — all trained volunteers — offer workshops in prisons and schools as well as in the community for all who would like to reduce the level of unresolved conflict in their lives and the lives of those around them.

AVP offers Basic, Advanced, and Training-for-Facilitator Workshops. Workshops are fast-paced, weaving together interactive exercises, facilitated discussions, role plays, humor and games.

AVP is:

  • An experiential program, helping people change their lives.
  • A community program, offering a new approach for community groups, social service agencies, schools, youth organizations and all who would like to participate.
  • A prison program, helping inmates learn new skills and attitudes that lead to fulfilling and crime-free lives.
  • AVP builds upon a spiritual base of respect and caring for self and others. Though founded by Quakers, AVP draws participants and trainers from all religions, races, sexual identity, and walks of life.

Want to Get Involved?

AVP Santa Barbara workshops are organized and supported by dedicated volunteers throughout the Santa Barbara County who collectively give tens of thousands of hours of time each year to help change lives, families, and communities for the better. There are many ways to volunteer and/or support AVP!

Become a Facilitator

Facilitators are the core of AVP, planning and conducting workshops. Anyone can become an AVP Facilitator by taking the three AVP workshops – Basic, Advanced, and Training for Facilitators (T4F). Depending on the location, it may be possible for outsiders to participate in inside (prison) workshops. Please get in touch with the council near you to get involved.

Other Ways to Support AVP:

  • Provide Administrative Support
  • Provide Hospitality – often Facilitators travel far and need a place to stay while facilitating workshops.
  • Provide Transportation
  • Provide Food & Workshop Logistics: especially in the community, it can be difficult and/or expensive to find a good space in which to offer workshops, supplies (paper, pens, etc), food and drinks, helping to find participants, and other tasks. Let us know if you would like to help out!

AVP Santa Barbara funders, partners and supporters:

Fund for Santa Barbara

Lompoc Federal Prison

La Cumbre Junior High School

J.S. Bower Foundation

Santa Barbara Friends Meeting ( Quakers)

Valle Verde Retirement Community

San Marcos Senior High School
Santa Barbara Unified School District